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Have You Taken Your Child To Their First Dentist Appointment? Here’s What To Expect

September 24, 2019

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dentist showing child how to brush teethAre you gearing up for your child’s first visit with their pediatric dentist in Fitchburg? You know your little one better than anybody, and sometimes they may get antsy when they’re expected to wait or sit still. When you know what to expect for their first appointment, you can prepare them so everything runs more smoothly. Read on to learn what your dentist will do during the visit and some tips for a successful first dental checkup. (more…)

Here’s How a Pediatric Dentist Can Help Your Child Beat Dental Anxiety

August 17, 2019

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child smiling sitting dentist chairAs a parent, it’s natural for you to worry about your child’s oral health. That’s why you’re eager to have him or her examined by a local dentist. What can be done, though, if your child suffers from dental anxiety? Does a pediatric dentist in Fitchburg have any special skills that can help out? Get the answers you need so you can move forward with overcoming this obstacle and ensuring your child has excellent oral health!


A Kids’ Dentist in Fitchburg Explains the 4 Most Common Concerns for Children’s Teeth

June 6, 2019

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little girl with mouth pain

You always want what’s best for your child, and that includes their oral health. It can be hard to fully understand how to take care of baby teeth. Believe it or not, some people think that because baby teeth eventually fall out, they don’t even need to be brushed! It’s important to take care of your little one’s teeth no matter how small they are. A kids’ dentist in Fitchburg is here to explain the 4 most common concerns for children’s teeth.


Your Dentist for Toddlers in Fitchburg Says Protect Your Child’s Teeth!

April 3, 2019

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mother holding child in dentist chairAs a parent, one of your main goals is to fortify your child’s oral health so that he or she can get off to the right start. Thus, you want to be well-informed about any possible dangers. So your child can avoid any pitfalls, your dentist for toddlers in Fitchburg discusses the main threat to your little one’s oral health, and you’ll learn about some preventive steps that can be taken!


Dentist For Teens In Fitchburg Discusses 4 Common Oral Health Problems

January 11, 2019

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Smiling teenager with braces As anyone who’s past their adolescent years will tell you, being a teenager can be tough. It’s a period of time in life unlike any other and has its own unique challenges and rewards. It even comes with its own set of oral health problems! Although, as you probably know if you’re the parent of a teenager, their teeth and gums tend to be the last thing on their mind. But since their oral health now will have an impact on their future smile, it’s well worth it to learn about these issues so you can help them either prevent or treat them. Keep reading to find out more about 4 common issues that teens face from a dentist for teens in Fitchburg!


These Milestones Tell You When To Schedule Your Child With a Children’s Dentist!

November 17, 2018

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A little boy having his teeth examinedAs a parent, there are countless events you have to coordinate in your child’s life – school activities, athletics and birthday parties are just a few! But one thing many parents are unsure about is when to schedule visits with a children’s dentist. And since an estimated 42% of children age 2-11 have tooth decay, preventive practices like good oral hygiene habits and regular dental care are crucial for your child’s healthy smile. So when should you schedule that first dental visit – and when should children be seen after that? Keep reading below to find out!